Vintage Village Under Contsruction 1918

We’re sharing some more old photos from the construction period of The Village! 
Pic 1-2: 9/19/1918 - the building that would have been the barracks; this building served as The Wilson Dam (TVA) school in the 1930s-1940s, and is now…

Toilets in The Village School and the 1918 Pandemic

A less-than-glamorous post here, but interesting nonetheless, as we’ve been going through a pandemic, and we all gotta “go” 🚽😄. 

Pictured: Toilets in The Village School - these self-flushing toilets were a sign of the times, as the 1918 Flu…

The Village During World War One

The Village During World War One 

While Lt. Colonel Hardee Chambliss was not the first or last commanding officer of U.S. Nitrate Plant No. One, he was the first commander to live in the newly completed Village One. The Village…

U. S. Nitrate Village No. One - under construction

U. S. Nitrate Village No. One - under construction. 

Construction began 10/23/1917. 

The Village is an excellent example of prefabrication and standardization. In order to save time and money, all hardware was standardized and large crews were put on each…

The Village School - Auditorium

There are so many incredible details to highlight of The Village School. Today's photos show the auditorium, the large windows in the auditorium, and the view from the upper balcony. 

The auditorium was used not only for performances and lectures…

Ongoing Fundraising and Call for Volunteers

As we continue the restoration of The Village School, the Foundation has the need for ongoing donations and has many volunteer opportunities.

While we do receive some funding through various grants, these only go so far.

Donate here

If you'd…

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